DelphesNotes a TiddlyWiki starter edition updated

Dear TW community,

I have made a major update to DelphesNotes a TiddlyWiki starter edition.

DelphesNotes packages several plugins on top of a TiddlyWiki empty edition : top menu, sidebar tools (favorites, table of contents, configuration tools, …), breadcrumbs, easy access to third patrty plugins libraries, basic help, …

DelphesNotes can be downloaded here:

You can also directly create a new TiddlyHost site using this edition from TiddlyHost template hub:



  • DelphesNotes
    • Changelog
    • New help topics
    • Layout tweaks
    • More shortcuts plugin
  • Third parties plugin
    • Details widget (0.7.6)


  • TiddlyWIki
    • core version: 5.2.7
    • MenuBar: 5.2.7
  • DelphesNotes
    • DelphesNotes core
      • An extended TiddlyWiki notebook edition - core plugin
    • BreadCrumbs
      • Provides a path from each note to a root tag and navigation for tree like titles
    • Favorites
      • Access and manage your favorites notes
    • MenuBar
      • Additional items and style hacks for the menu bar
    • NotesMenu
      • Additional menus in the sidebar or topbar for accessing and managing notes
    • PluginLibrary
      • This plugin configures several Communitiy Plugins Libraries to ease plugin discovery and installation.
    • SeeAlsoForMissing
      • Adds a suggestion box when relevent to non existing tiddlers
    • SmartSearch
      • Extends default search with smarter results for the menu bar and the advanced search
    • SystemSidebar
      • A set of system tools for the MoreSideBar
    • TagsSidebar
      • A Sidebar extension to manage your tags
  • Third parties plugins
    • Bundler: 0.4.3
    • Editor AutoList: 0.1.14
    • Relink Titles: 2.3.1
    • Trashbin: 1.2.4

Very nice well done

I’m with my Phone ATM. Please check your plugin dependencies. You have relink-titles installed but relink-plugin is missing. I’m pretty sure it’s needed too.


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Nicely packaged and documented. Thank you for sharing.

Good catch @pmario.

Plugin name was indeed missing in the edition export list.
Issue is now fixed on TiddlyHost

Thank you.

Very clean, though I have one small thing to touch on.
If you make a new topic with multiple words as the title, such as “shopping list” and in the sidebar, you click the plus next to the topic name, it will tag the subtopic tiddler as “shopping” and “list”

You can use the enlist-input operator to correct this behavior if you see fit to ^^

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Hello Justin_H,

Thank you for the feedback.

I have fixed the issue in an updated version of the plugin (and took the time to complete the changelog and readme to document other existing features).

Just to mention the fix was harder than what I was expecting and I din’t manage to find a solution with the enlist-input filter.

I had to use the followin helper macro:
\define get-tag() [[$(currentTiddler)$]]

And use it with:
<$action-sendmessage $message="tm-new-tiddler" title="New note" tags=<<get-tag>> />

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To add doubled square brackets without using a “helper macro”, you can use the format:titlelist[] filter operator, like this:

<$action-sendmessage $message="tm-new-tiddler" title="New note"
   tags={{{ [<currentTiddler>format:titlelist[]] }}} />



Thank you Eric.
Your solution works perfectly fine.
This is a usefull operator to know.