Date conversions (XKCD)

Thought this was relevant!


Moon time too is being established for a base

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AND I WANT IT NOW ( ← whatever that means :laughing: ) DAMMIT.

But seriously, @EricShulman, I really DO think your About Time™ stuff could do with a Decimal Time plugin, a rendered widget that, on click, toggles between both time systems. :slight_smile:

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I made this decimal time a while back, as part of building a custom time clock:

<$set name=hours value=<<now "hh">>>
<$set name=minutes value=<<now "0mm">>>
<$set name=xxx value="(=(round(<<minutes>>/6*.1,2))=)">

I got stoned reading that!


I’ve thought a few times about decimal time. I figure dividing a day into 100,000 parts gives us something only slightly faster than a second as its baseline, and 100 of these pseudo-seconds would probably make up a pseudo-minute. But then do we have 10 pseudo-hours per day, each containing 100 pseudo-minutes? Or do we have 100 pseudo-hours, each containing 10 pseudo-minutes? I think I prefer the latter, but not by much.

That would mean that 14:56:31 would convert approximately to 62|2|58

And where we would tell someone the time as “fourteen-fifty-six”, we would now say “sixty-two-two”.

I don’t ever expect this to go anywhere, but it’s fun to imagine.

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Unix time is a number you can simply add and subtract from, It its turning hours minutes days etc and their multiples into unixtime and return, or decimal hours such as 1:30 to 1.5 to unixtime hours, do date maths and return to the desired representation that is what we need.

  • All this can be coded already but you need to do cognitive gymnastics to achieve it.
  • We need to expose more of the date handling that already exists in JavaScript in the terms tiddlywiki uses like the format: date operator, and addhour/add/days etc… operators. multiply/subtract etc…

Of course this has a dependency on evans formula plugin - hence the mushroom brackets (= =)

Hence my pathetic attempt at humor.

Now I get it :slightly_frowning_face: :laughing:


Ahh, that explains what I was missing! Really did wonder what Coda was talking about, but it didn’t seem important enough to ask.

Evan’s formula plugin, huh? Something else to research…

You thought I actually was hitting the shrooms? :laughing:

We do now :rofl: since you have mentioned them so often :rofl: