Cyoa plugin: Interactive story creator

Hello TW Community,

I created a plugin built off of TiddlyWiki which can be used to generate interactive “Choose-Your-Own-Adventure” stories, sort of like Twine. I made it for my own purposes, but I thought I’d share it with the community and get some feedback.


Welcome to the TW forum!

I’m very impressed by the quality of your “product”. I did do the first 3 tutorials and then I had to have a closer look at the code :wink:

Very interesting. Well done!

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Super-impressive. The documentation/tutorial in particular deserves high praise.


Thank you both. Documentation was a major focus for me, since everywhere else I’ve sought feedback people don’t understand the concepts. If you know TiddlyWiki, then my plugin is intuitive to you, but if you don’t, then concepts like transclusion and the idea of using Tiddlers as not just pages, but as variables, or data-holders, is very foreign.

Do you know if there is a better “crash course” for TiddlyWiki that my documentation could link to?

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Hi @Mythos adding my congratulations, a lovely piece of work. The holistic approach you’ve taken to the tutorials, docs and functionality is very effective, and beautifully executed. This is exactly what TiddlyWiki is intended to do, and it’s great to see.

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Thank you, @jeremyruston. Here’s hoping my plugin can find that narrow intersection of TiddlyWiki users and storytellers.

I see that there is a Community spotlight for plugins. Does anyone know where I can find info on how to apply my plugin for that Spotlight?

I’ve looked around a bit, this look very interesting, your state management (first, visited, options) open a lot of possibilities that would be troublesome to implement with “vanilla” wikitext. I think I will use your tool for my next DM session as a way to plan parts of the campaign and track the progression of players (not sure if it will works but why not try). Thanks a lot for sharing your work !

Do you know if there is a better “crash course” for TiddlyWiki that my documentation could link to?

GrokTiddlywiki is a very good one :slight_smile:

PS: This remind me of this old (french) gem of internet, sadly defunct by now:

I can see myself using your tool to create something similar :grin:

It is a shame we can’t “Re-tweet” here. I thought @jeremyruston’s comment astute and worth the repeating.


Thank you, @Telumire. If you do end up trying the plugin, I’d love to know whatever pitfalls or confusions you encounter. GrokTiddlywiki seems like a good source, but it’s quite a lot to throw at a newcomer who has never heard of TiddlyWiki. I think I may need to create tutorials for concepts Tiddlywiki users already know, like how to use CSS or include images.

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Oh yes, very well done! I have wanted to explore CYOA style storytelling for a while, but am currently working on a “live multiplayer” plugin (realtime conflict free syncing). We have a few people exploring these “game-system” ideas in the community, so welcome!