Cycle within Storylist

I created a button to jump to top of storylist:

Than I created another button to cycle within the Storylist:

<div class="go-to-next"> 
<$button class="go-btn-to-next" tooltip="Gehe zum Vorherigen">
<$list variable="next" filter="[list[$:/StoryList]first[]] + [cycle{$:/StoryList!!list}]">
<$action-navigate $to=<<next>>/>

This fails - why?

Thanks for feedback

Edit: Here is my actual $:/StoryList

Hi Stefan,

Try this:

<$action-setfield $tiddler="$:/StoryList" $field="list" $value={{{ [list[$:/StoryList]butfirst[]] [list[$:/StoryList]first[]] +[format:titlelist[]join[ ]] }}}/>
<$action-navigate $to={{{ [list[$:/StoryList]first[]] }}}/>

I didn’t succeed with the cycle operator, so this code is based on first and butfirst, anyway it works for me…


Thanks Fred - your solution works fine! :slight_smile:

“cycle” is mentioned the doku: