Custom widgets - Show named variables widget


I continue to explore the new custom widgets and I am pushing the envelope where ever I can, here is an example that illustrates some possibilities;

  • You may use this while debugging. You could wrap the contents or the widget in a condition to only display when needed.

Place this in a tiddler tagged $:/tags/Global

\widget $show.variables()
<$parameters $params=@params>
<$list filter="[<@params>jsonindexes[]]" variable=named-variable>
<li><$text text=<<named-variable>>/>:  '<$text text={{{ [<named-variable>getvariable[]] }}}/>'</li>
\end $show.variables

Now to use this it is a simple matter of calling the widget with any number of parmeters each which refers to a variable;

<$show.variables currentTiddler transclusion/>

and the result will be something like this;


  • We use the $parameters widget to set the variable @params to all parameters passed into the widget as a JSON array.
    • This is displayed at the bottom for your reference
  • We then extract the name of all parameters using the filter [<@params>jsonindexes[]] listing them and obtaining their value.
  • notice because the parameters are not assigned a value they only return true but this is enough to retrieve the paremeter names which we treat as variable names.

I hope this gives you some ideas you can make use of;

  • Elsewhere I have a similar custom widget to display fieldnames and their content.
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