Control panel options *and entire tiddlers* deleted on close/reopen

Using latest versions of everything, MacOS M1, TiddlyDesktop.

I specify ‘index.html’ under GitHub Saver options in control panel. Saving works and pushes to my repo just fine.

However, if I save and close the wiki file, then reopen it, the filename field is blank.

ALSO - just had the same thing happen with entire tiddlers. Deleted a startup action tiddler, imported a new .json that replicated it through the control panel. Tweaked some settings, saved, pushed changes to GitHub. All good.

After I saved, closed and reopened this wikifile, the control panel .json is gone and my original startup action tiddler is back! WTF?

If you use GitHub Saver, does this somehow NOT save the wikifile locally any more? Are these two things mutually exclusive?

Why is this happening? Is this part of TW core or from a plugin? Would it be a TiddlyDesktop issue?

ok, evidently I am just a one-man FAQ creator, because half my questions here I find the answer just after I post them :frowning:

So for anyone else looking into this, TW can evidently only utilize ONE saving method at a time. You either save locally, or you save to GitHub or GitLab or TiddlySpot, etc. One or the other, it can’t do both at once.

I think this might be a deal-breaker for me and TiddlyDesktop. I guess if I’m editing locally, saving, then pushing a copy to GitHub my only real option is Node.js? (Looked at Timimi - hasn’t been updated much in awhile and no support for Apple Silicon/M1/M2?)

heavy sigh

i am using a single file locally served using rclone serve (make sure to use a non-cache browser window), but i only push “manually” externally from tw every so often to github, not after every save. you could automate the github push externally from tw using a script or hazel watching for changes?

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I hadn’t even thought about Hazel. That’s a good idea. Get everything set up, push when needed, then use Hazel for a good set/forget method. Thanks!