Considering rebranding Tiddlyhost as TiddlyHub

What do you think? On the one hand it doesn’t make a whole lot of difference, on the other hand, branding is important. I think “hub” has connotations of community and sharing in way that “host” does not. Also it’s slightly shorter. I’m thinking to use the camel case for TiddlyHub since it matches TiddlyWiki and GitHub, one of the better known “hubs”.

If I do change it there’ll be options to redirect, or maybe keep your old urls, so don’t worry about existing links and bookmarks.

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I think it’s a good marketing idea, but I am not an expert in that.


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Cool idea! Go for it.

G’day Simon,

It depends on who you are trying to attract and people’s perceptions/understandings of the words “host” vs “hub”.

I like “TiddlyHost” because, to me, it means a place to host my TiddlyWiki(s).

I do not like “TiddlyHub”, because it sniffs like my TiddlyWiki is automatically connected to things I might not want to be connected to. Meant to be open for all to see. Not for me.

You might find other folk turned off for the same or different reasons.

But then you might find a whole swath of folk who want everything of theirs to be connected to everything else.

And a whole swath of folk who are attracted to TiddlyHub because of some other positive understanding of “hub”.

You might want to describe what you mean by “Hub”, and describe the goal(s)/vision of TiddlyHub.

“AnythingHub” is an immediate by its name showstopper for this kid.

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If the name is changed to tiddlyhub, IMO that means that some kind of community feature is/will be implemented, a bit like what talk.tiddlywiki provide : comments, private messages for exanple. For now I feel like tiddlyhost is more suited to the services the website provide but if you wish to develop the social aspect of the service then yes it would be a great fit !

I would not change one to the other, just branch out, perhaps hub could have additional findability, an alternate index etc…

I enjoy TiddlyHost as it is now. I will say this much, TiddlyHub reminds me a lot of…

Well, CornHub of course! (what did you think I meant?) but other than GitHub there are some other pretty well known websites out there…

Is there a necessary reason for the change in name? I feel like TiddlyHost is equally as descriptive in what the website is about as TiddlyHub, if not more so. I do understand the desire to have it seem more like a place for different sub-areas, ie hubs, but if that is your focus, I could offer some alternatives?

  • TiddlySpace (MySpace was pretty popular for its personalization of spaces, right?)
  • TiddlyNexus (Sounds neat IMO)
  • TiddlyGroups (as a nice nod to the google groups where a lot of users here have come from, and where several still are)

Focusing on the group part of tiddlywiki hosting, I do agree that TiddlyHub has a nice ring to it, but I also enjoy the sounds of the ones above, in case you want to look for alternatives :smiley:

(mild sweating in hopes I don’t get in trouble for my joke above :sweat_smile:)

BTW is using “Tiddly” necessary? TiddlyHost also supports FeatherWiki. Perhaps a broader or non-specific branding would be better. Especially if there is a possibility of adding support for more wikis, considering there is talk of adding a premium tier on the host. (Users of other wiki systems can be a market segment that @simon can target).

Actually yea that is a good point. Something different like WikiSpace or WikiHub could also work (as long as the Wikimedia foundation doesn’t have any issue with it, since they have Wikipedia and other Wiki- named sites.)

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That’s true. Thinking of a good name with an available domain will be the challenge. Also I’m okay with keeping “Tiddly” in the name even though it doesn’t express the idea that it’s not just for TiddlyWiki now.

One more note, I want to be able to distinguish “tiddlyhost (.com) the service” from “tiddlyhost the open source software project”, both in terms of naming - it’s confusing to refer to them both as “tiddlyhost” - and for their git repos. So more naming/branding decisions to be made around that…

Ps, I’m appreciating all the suggestions and discussion here. It’s the kind of decision that’s hard to reverse, so I’ll aim to think it over carefully - “measure twice, cut once” as they say.

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What if you kept it as TiddlyHost for the service, and TiddlyHub for the github repo?

Or if you decide something else for the service name, still using Hub for the github repos would be a good was to destinguish it from the other service.

I feel like there might have been such a site once.

Sure enough, you are right! I wasn’t aware of that, sadly.

TiddlyHost can be the free hosting service,

TiddlyTheMost can be the software,

TiddlyFans can be the paid hosting version

  • I think the normal practice would be be for free/premium sites and the open source. Org domains are quite cheap but there a “host of other names out there” (subtle word play :nerd_face: ) now days including etc…
  • but you could keep it cheap and make use of subdomains and folders

Thinking about tiddlyhub perhaps you could add a logical layer there where site owners create and join one or more hub(s) that are a form of community eg; Gamers, Authors, perhaps even with a related talk threads.

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