Community Projects and Documentation group Announcement

The new Community Projects #projects category is meant to be a place where long or short term projects that have people actively contributing to them get organized and collaborated on.

The first project documented in a comment here is the #projects:documentation category, spawned by lengthy discussion on Github and PRs.

Please do join the @Documentation group and review/edit the initial About page:

Thank you to everyone that participated in that Github thread figuring out how things stand today. Let’s use the category to brainstorm how to make it better.

For Discourse infrastructure, the general outline looks like this (I ran this past @moderators and got a +1 on how this should work)

  1. Make a #Meta post requesting a new category – name, purpose, ideally 2-3 people who are initial members.
  2. A new sub category gets created underneath #projects
  3. A new group is created with same / similar name, with the requestors as initial members
  4. Anyone can browse and see the group, and add or remove themselves.
  5. The group has moderation powers on the category.

I likely will set up an Open Collective group following the same model to try and recruit some people. Feel free to message me if you’d like to join that group!

If other people are assisting Jeremy with the TW Links project, or perhaps Github Code/Repo management, those might be other logical projects.