'colour' or 'color'? How about word standardization (or standardisation)?

I’ve had a quick look at TW 5.2.1 prerelease to read about the new filter cascade mechanism.

In the Control Panel > Advanced > Cascades > Tiddler Colour, I noticed that ‘colour’ is used 6 times, whereas ‘color’ is used 3 times. 2 system tiddlers use both words in their names!

I would tend to think that using two different spellings for the same word in a ‘code-writing’ context might be prone to confusion and memory overload from users. My two (euro)cents, as a non-native English speaker. What do you think?

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I’m with you.

6 colour vs 3 color ?

“U” scores higher for the win!

Might have to do with this.

“Words like “colour” will also be spelled using UK English unless they are being used for reserved words in code, such as in CSS or JavaScript.”

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grumbles about American English, stealing the 'u’s… Changing S’s to 'Z’s and taking the ‘s’ off of ‘maths’ and putting it on the end of ‘lego’!

And you guys “flattened all the vowels and threw the R away” :slight_smile:

The closer you get to HTML, CSS, or Javascript the more likely you are to see “color” because that’s the usage within those domains.

Which is odd, when you think of it. Tim Berners Lee, the inventor of the WWW and chair of the W3C, is British. So how did “color” get in? Maybe back in the days of 300 Baud modems getting rid of an extra letter seemed like a good idea?

Right. International computerese, especially code, is dominantly American English. Tiddlywiki main site is mostly, at surface level, in British English.

FWIW, I don’t think that difference is a problem. It is just a matter of different conventions for different levels.

Best wishes