<<colour>> macro as value of "color" field, or something similar

Another question about the <<colour>> macro. :sweat_smile:

I had already asked before about it in Help with colour macro in stylesheet, How to change the color of a specific pill tag with a <<colour>> macro and got some great responses (for which I am really grateful)

I’m just loving this macro, but unfortunately I haven’t mastered it yet.

The last thing I’m missing is somehow getting the “color” field to change based on the chosen palette. (I naturally thought of using the <<colour>> macro, but both by putting it as a value of the “color” field and by trying with a stylesheet, I was unable to insert a color in the “color” field that changes according to the palette)
I think I could fix this by making many rules in styleshets (which would override what is governed by the “color” field)

But I was wondering if there was a more convenient and direct way. (Ideally just working on the value of the field)