CodeMirror6 in TiddlyWiki5 - is it just a daydream?

Hi all,

I’m trying to make the new CodeMirror6 ( work within TiddlyWiki5
Right now I have the basic editing functionality working and I think it’s possible to integrate it so that everything works, besides some things like tabbing into the editor and using Tab within the editor

What do you think about the new CodeMirror6?

Is there anyone of you interested in helping me creating the plugin?
Or should I try and ask if it’s possible making it a core plugin?

Anyway, there’s still a lot to do to make it really usable but I can see a light at the end of the tunnel

Best wishes,


I’m following the CM project for a long time but lost track lately… It seems they finally switched from V5 on the main page to V6 … That’s nice.

I would be interested. … As I wrote, at the time as I was watching the project closely, I thought it wasn’t worth the trouble to use a new library just for the sake of it. … There has to be new value over the “old” V5 implementation we have in the core at the moment.

Eg: At the moment we use 2 libraries if we want to have code-highlighting in view-mode. … It should only be 1, which can highlight code and also have an highlighting editor. …

Configuring new cm-plugins should be as simple as it is with V5, where they basically automatically configure themself when installed.

There should be VSCode keyboard bindings if possible, since VSCode is very popular at the moment and it’s a bit painful to remember 2 sets of keyboard bindings.

I think it should be a 3rd party plugin, which can go with a different pace as TW. Especially since the whole thing uses latest JS code specification all over the places.


We could request a new “team” at the TiddlyWiki Organisation. So it would be possible to make it a project

So we would also learn how to manage .org projects. It will be interesting if we get that going.

@jeremyruston … What do you think about a new CM-6 “community” project in the TiddlyWiki organisation?


As you know I can’t code this kind of thing so I can’t help :frowning:. I just wanted to comment as an end-user that in your process of update you might simplify it a bit?

At the moment Code Mirror full is FIFTEEN plugins.

Could it’s TW implementation be simplified?

Just a query

That’s so you can pick and choose which features you want, rather than having one bloated plugin chock-full of features only a minority will want.


I think it worth reviewing that situation…


Right. Review the situation and keep everything the same. Like in the video.

Apropos of nothing, TiddlyTwist would be a good name.

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A vero. Za za zu.


Lack of Vim mode in CodeMirror 6 is the big deal breaker for me. I suppose GitHub - replit/codemirror-vim: Vim keybindings for CM6 might ameliorate it, but I haven’t tried it yet.

Hi @michael1 , I can give it a try and see if it works…