Code mirror auto-completion doesn't work if two words start the same

Is this a bug, or just the way CM works in TW?

If you’re typing your own words, and then try to auto-complete (control-space), CM will work if there is only one word that matches, but will not work if there is more than one word that matches. You are not given a pop-up menu showing all possible matches.

So if you type:

developers develop stuff using stuffiers.

And then below that type dev <control-space>, nothing happens. It would be better if it grabbed any word (say the last word typed) then that it does nothing. Because now you’ve wasted time typing a sequence and will have to type the whole word by hand anyways. It forces the user to remember which words can and can not be auto-completed, which defeats the purpose of the technology.

The pop-up choice does work for syntax if you are editing a tiddler of the appropriate type (e.g. javascript).

I tried CM on an example (not TW) site, and it performed as expected, providing a pop-up for multiple choices of user-created words. So it’s not a limitation of CM, per se, and must be something about the TW implementation.

Hoping that there would be some new developments.

If you type ctl-space at the very bottom of the edit box, you can sometimes see a partial list of matching words. The box is partial because the edit box is covering it. So it seems that the z-order of the popup is less than the z-order of the edit box. If this could be tweaked, then maybe the word-completion could be used usefully?

Works fine for me: Go to: for testing.

So there may be a plugin missing or any 3rd party plugin may catch the CTRL-space keyboard shortcut.

The ctl-space works (when there is only one choice). And I can see glimpses of the menu if I’m typing at the bottom of the edit screen. So the plugin is there. It could be something about my linux set up.

Hmm. It works on your site. I’m running 5.2.25. Maybe fixed in 5.2.27?

This is what I see in both firefox and chromium:


There should be at least two terms that match “per”. The edit box is blocking out the top half of the pop-up. It could be an artifact of my window manager, but it seems odd that that would have any bearing on z-order within a browser.

My bad for not doing more research.

Although I don’t think I was using Stroll back in October, the current problem seems to stem from the EditTemplate used in Stroll.

Thanks for your help!