Changing keyboard shorcuts for Tiddlers movements in Krystal Whitespace theme

Hi all,

To participate in a Tabletop RPG Jam ending next week I created a TW based on @arunnbabu81’s Krystal Whitespace theme. In general I’m getting good results, thanks to the good base that Krystal Whitespace already is. But one behavior is driving me crazy, as it’s fighting against decades of muscle memory, and is that Shift + Arrow left/right moves tiddlers left or right, instead of selecting text left or right, in contrast with any other program in my laptop does. I tried installing other editors, looking at the shortcuts and I can’t find anything related with that shortcut.

How can I change the shortcut for moving tiddlers left and right so it doesn’t occupies the selecting left and right behavior?

On a related note, sometimes the theme goes totally black, but it quickly reloads when I put the mouse over the navigator tab. Someone has experience that?


It’s not a theme. I just combined crazko’s Krystal layout with JD’s whitespace theme.

If you search in the filter tab of advanced search [tag[BTC]] you will get the list of tiddlers concerned with navigation of tiddlers. Two of them are responsible of the behaviour you are describing. Look into the fields of those tiddlers, then you can identify the culprit. Change the shortcut in the field called keyboard shortcut. I am on my phone currently. I will point to the exact tiddler in one hour time if you are not able to solve it.

@arunnbabu81 Thanks a lot I already fixed with your swift answer.

:thinking: … combining a layout and a theme, provides us with a new theme (or theme variant at least)… That’s one of the payoffs we benefit from TW’s fluent composability :nerd_face:

I also have experienced that many times. It’s related to Krystal I guess. I don’t know how to reproduce it exactly. I have seen one issue in GitHub repo of Krystal plug in related to this. But it never got resolved for myself. I don’t use Krystal and whitespace theme currently. So I don’t have much idea how to solve it