Change Encryption Splash Screen Color

How can I change the encryption splash screen background color, please. Glaring white first thing in the morning is jarring on my brain. I tried changing various background colors in the palette editor but couldn’t seem to find the correct one. Thank you.

The CSS pertaining to it is stored within boot.css, I would recommend being careful if you decide to modify it.

Here is how I modified mine, so that it has an all black background. If you would like to see what changes I made, you can copy the raw html/css from below, and the html/css in the default one, and place them in a text comparison website.

$__boot_boot.css.tid (1.4 KB)

I used a test wiki to play around with the changes you made to see the effects, then made a backup of the wiki I wanted to change before updating the original. It works great! Thank you so much.