Can we get the tiddler language type next to tiddler date?

Hi, I have TW 5.2.2 on Tiddlyhost. When I close a Tiddler after editing it shows me the title, and below that the date it was last edited. I have a mix of Markdown and TW tiddlers in one TW. I’d like to put the markdown type like “Tiddlywiki” or “Markdown” to the right of the date.

This TW is 8+ years old, and yes I could have designed it better, but I can’t unring a bell. I have several Tiddlywikis on Tiddlyhost. This one has 180 tiddlers. Some have 300+ tiddlers.

  1. Is it possible for me to change the style and do this?
  2. Is it possible for the vanilla TW to do this in a future release?

Thank you! You are the best helpers!

You could upgrade to 5.3.x and use the new subtitle tag otherwise edit the tiddler that displays the subtitle to show your additional content $:/core/ui/ViewTemplate/subtitle.

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edit: the subtitle tag was added in 5.2.3, sorry. you can still use this to add the type to the shadow tiddler Tones mentioned:

<$text text={{{[<currentTiddler>get[type]match[text/vnd.tiddlywiki]then[Tiddlywiki]]}}}/>

you can copy this and add different cases by changing the type and the output after then. only one should show up if the types are all different. hope this helps

Support for $:/tags/ViewTemplate/Subtitle was added in TiddlyWiki v5.2.3 (Aug 2, 2022). The OP notes that they are using v5.2.2, so that tag is not available to them, and they will still need to edit $:/core/ui/ViewTemplate/subtitle in order to add the desired type field output.


I highly recommend upgrading, as (apart from the big transition to TW5 from classic) backward compatibility is well protected.

If you need help on how to do that with tiddlyhost, please speak up.

Basically, you download your wiki from the tiddlyhost dashboard, load into a browser window, and drag your freshly downloaded file to it. Then follow the prompts to upgrade your wiki, and save it to your desktop with a new name. Then go back to your dashboard and re-upload via the same tiddlyhost. dashboard, confirming that you want to overwrite your older version. Since the process by design does not change the version you downloaded (but prompts you to save with a new name), you should have that backup copy in case you don’t like what you see.

At any rate, I recommend downloading all your stuff from tiddlyhost now and then, in order to have a backup just in case. (Occasionally I’ve discovered some problem long after I “baked it in,” but that history of older downloads has helped me reconstruct older tiddler versions as needed.)