Can TiddlyWiki be used as bookmark manager that can also save a lot of websites and not just their links?

And in terms of data, how many saved websites can Tiddlywiki handle, when run on Node? is the best online bookmark manager that I know, but as usual in the TW philosophy we should be able to self-host our links and web sites collection and have it portable, and does not offer that.
Is there any plugin for this purpose?
What is the procedure to do it without a plugin?

There is tiddlyclip. I get frustrated trying to find current documentation, so rarely use it. But it’s worth mentioning.

There are various extensions out there that can be used to help collect bookmarks and articles. One that I use is called “Copy cat” – it lets you copy selected text as markdown, which you can then paste into TW. TW has an official plugin for support of markdown. Supposedly the dropzone widget now works with pasting, so you possibly you could select a target back in TW, paste, and have your copied text turned into a new tiddler.

Note that capturing the text won’t capture the images – they’re displayed via image links. If the original link is offline, then you don’t see the image.

An extension I just recently learned about is called “MarkDownload - Markdown Web Clipper”. It downloads your selection as markdown AND downloads associated images. I haven’t tried it with TW yet, but I think this could be used as an end-to-end article collection tool.

Another extension, creatively called “Copy page title and URL” let’s you capture the basic info you need for a bookmark.

If you use node with lazy loading, then the number of articles you could save is indefinite. I’m guessing 100,000. If you have a standalone TW, then the limit will depend on your device and browser. Somewhere between 10 and 30 megs in my experience.

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