Can relink update the fields of current tiddler on renaming the tiddler

I have a tiddler called Budget2022. It has fields called debit which has a filter as shown in the image below with filter containing the tiddler title Budget2022 within the it.

<$list filter=" [year[Budget2022]input_type[debit]get[amount]sum[]]"/>

If I rename the tiddler to Budget2023, will the field debit also get updated with Budget2023 instead of Budget2022. Can relink do this ??

I made some changes to the configuration tab of relink plug in like this


But the fields were not updated on renaming Budget2022 to Budget2023

You may have a look at the docs: Relink — flexibility when relinking renamed tiddlers

In the relink plugin I think you need to add a new fieldname “debit” to start with. Then test it again see Relink configuration tab or $:/plugins/flibbles/relink/ui/configuration/Fields

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