Bullets plugin - first look

Here is the first look at my new plugin that I’ve mentioned a couple times here - Bullets. It still needs more polish, performance tweaking, and a video, but I think it’s far enough along that other adventurous users can play with it and make suggestions for improvements. Probably the biggest issue is speed based on the way it works. On my new personal computer it’s totally fine, but on my slower work machine, it’s a bit slower than I’d like.

It’s worth mentioning my goal/vision with this is that although in some way it looks like it’s built to be a pure outliner, I really focused on it being a step towards WYSIWYG wikitext. By that I mean it operates on plain old wikitext lists (either * unordered or # ordered). While you’re in bullet-mode, you have shortucts to do all kinds of manipulations you’d expect in true WYSIWYG programs - notably OneNote and Freeplane were where most of my expectations came from. When you’re done, all content is saved back to the standard wikitext text area. So, even if you decide to try it and abandon this plugin, you’ll be exactly where you started, AND importantly to me, it keeps your file size small (vs other methods that save each line in it’s own tiddler for comparison). This is the same philosophy I used for my Stickies plugin, and I can adapt this for a “Tables” plugin that operates on wikitext ( | pipes) as well.

Also note that a uniqueness of this approach is that it works happily on a tiddler that has some part with lists, and some part without lists. While in bullet-mode you can only edit the lists, but you can move things around the non-list content with no issues.

Anyways, I hope someone else finds this useful. It’s built very simply with all wikitext (no Javascript) so anyone should be able to adapt it, hack it apart etc. to fit your needs. I built this for my own needs so will continue on with it as such, but anyone can feel free to either make suggestions or hack it into something better. Note especially that there’s a config tab to the plugin that allows a lot of customization - for those who don’t want to get too deep into the internals.

Lastly I would just like to thank all of those of you here in this forum that have helped me put this together, I had a lot of support throughout this process, and most notably and directly @saqimtiaz who spent a lot of his time helping this thing along when I was stuck. I’m not quite done with it yet, but it’s good enough for me to use daily right now. Have fun,

Bullets — Enhanced list editing (stobot.github.io)


Hi, Nice work!
Did you test it with FireFox? The “edit mode” looks different, than in your example gifs. …

Gosh, that’s pretty bad. I’ll look at that thanks! I developed in Chromium Edge.

Glad to see you have been making progress. Will take a proper look as soon as the opportunity arises.

Found the spacing issue @pmario applying an inline display:none around the editor-toolbar seemed to work for Edge and Chrome, but not Firefox or IE. I switched up how I hid it. Unfortunately I can’t update github until later (can’t upload from work network) but will do so once I’m home.

In the meantime, importing this should do the same thing for testing purposes. Thanks!

firefox-patch.json (3.1 KB)

Wow, neat! Now there are at least 3 plugins related to outlining. I have to wonder if my using the Dynalist outliner for the toolmap was a part of the inspiration for some or all of those. Either way, I really like any work that goes into improving TiddlyWiki in this way.

I like this approach that ends up flattening the tiddler after escaping the list so as not to multiply tiddlers. But I also like Streams for its block level approach. Each has its pros.

I can’t wait until you get to the last part of your to do list, applying this to tables. It would really be nice to edit table cells by clicking on them. I have many tables that are butt-ugly in edit mode.

I will add this to the toolmap with the caution that it is still a work in progress.

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I feel like a proper WYSIWYG wikitext editor is one the missing things tiddlywiki needs to really take off (along with multi-user editing). I’m always happy to see progress made on that front. Great work !

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Just a quick update that the firefox/ie fix was updated at Bullets — Enhanced list editing (stobot.github.io). Thanks all for testing - appreciate the feedback.


Looks good now! Everything nicely aligned :slight_smile:

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If you don’t mind me asking. What about for mobile usage?
Idea: A mini / ergonomucally sized ui /button popup that acts like buttons on a gaming console controller for easy thumb/finger use

impressive @stobot ; well done!

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Good idea @Divine_Lotus . I was thinking of adding back the capability to show the “regular” toolbar already, so adding another one with the ‘bullet commands’ would make sense. Getting drag and drop was already on the list which will help on mobile too. Stay tuned.

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