Behavior of "toc-tabbed-internal-nav" on left side

Hallo forum,

select one topic (scroll down on the left side):

correct content will be shown (right side), but it jumps back to the top on left side.

Is it possible to prevent this and stay on selected entry on left side?

Thanks, Stefan

   { font-variant:small-caps; color: red; }
.myTOC .tc-table-of-contents, .myTOC .tc-tabbed-table-of-contents-content
   { max-height:50vh; overflow: hidden auto; }

<span class="myTOC">
	selectedTiddler=<<qualify "$:/temp/toc/selectedTiddler">>
	unselectedText="""<p class="colortext"> ← Thema wählen</p>"""
	missingText="""<p class="colortext"> Tiddler fehlt...</p>"""
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Hi Stefan,
I did just check if the “older” versions also had this behaviour. Yes – They did.

From a gut-feeling, I think this will be a more complex fix, if it should be backwards compatible.

So that’s a feature request, which IMO should be raised at GitHub, otherwise it’s very likely, that it will be forgotten.

IMO The main problem is, that this TOC feature was never intended to be used as an alternative navigation system

Thanks @pmario for feedback.

Here is the feature request: