Banner Competition Voting for v5.2.3

The New Release Banner Competition for v5.2.3 now has all the entries submitted by Friday, July 22nd morning UK time.

Now to vote!

Thank you @ruidajo @oflg @twMat @Mohammad @feedthegood for making submissions!

  • ruidajo
  • oflg
  • twMat
  • Mohammad 1
  • Mohammad 2
  • feedthegood

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The poll is setup so you can vote for up to 2 submissions. @jeremyruston will keep the poll open for some time and then we’ll close it and share results with everyone.

All the images are the latest version from the thread – feel free to message me if you need updates.

@Springer has made a browseable Tiddlywiki mini gallery here.

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Thank you @boris, much appreciated!

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Hi @boris is it possible by any chance to hide the partial vote results until we close the voting? Many thanks!

@boris, È bello che tu provi a unirti a noi come uno. TT

I can’t edit the poll after 15 minutes have passed.

Longer answer:

  • It’s set so that you can only see the results after you vote. Non-voters won’t see in progress results.
  • I can delete the poll and change the setting, only 5 voters so far

Let me know what you’d like.

Hi @boris ,
I think this thread should be pinned at top.

Thank you @boris, let’s leave it and see how it feels. I think the only downside is that with the Google Docs doohickey we were able to have a grand unveiling of the winner but here the results will be open. Perhaps that will make the voting process fairer, who knows!

Thanks again.

Very interesting word!

It is a “thingamabob” and a “whatchamacallit:slight_smile:

Yes, done, meant to do that, thanks for reminding me!

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Thank you everybody. The competition is now closed, and I’m delighted to declare @feedthegood the winner.

As usual, the runners up are all of a very high standard and so I’d encourage entrants to resubmit them for the next competition.


Congratulations @feedthegood!

Thank you all!

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Well done @feedthegood ! A worthy winner!

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Great submission @feelthegood rather classy

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Congratulations - well done @feedthegood !

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Thank you! Happy to be here and participate in some way. You may stick with the original if you want but I also just moved the paw and version number up a little so that the hello there banner at the bottom doesn’t cover it.


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Thanks @feedthegood I’ve updated to the new banner, which should be live on the prerelease in a few minutes.