Aug 17th, 2021: Community Call: Core Savers & Syncers, Upload Plugin, & Discourse Forum

Please join us Tuesday, August 17, 2021 4:00 PM for a live community call and presentation.

@jeremyruston ​and @saqimtiaz have been working on core TiddlyWiki architecture to improve “Savers and Syncers” for tiddlers and files of all types. They’ll discuss their progress and plan to date, and what this means for more core development, as well as new capabilities for plugins.

​Boris from Fission will talk about Open Collective and what we’ve learned so far from both TiddlyWiki on Fission and the File Upload Plugins project.

​Finally, Boris is supporting Jeremy in launching a new official Discourse-powered forum. This will be an initial “beta” launch, showcasing how it syncs with the current Google Group, and some of the features it gives us going forward. That’s this forum you’re viewing right now :wink:

​For all of these things, we’re happy to have community members join us to volunteer to continue these efforts in a variety of roles, as well as open discussion and questions.



URLs to resources mentioned during the call:


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Hi Saq,

I really enjoyed your presentation!

I am amazed with flexibility and simplicity of uploading files to GitHub!


Thank you @Mohammad, much appreciated.

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Hello @saqimtiaz,

Your plugin is amazing, this is so much better than the hack I was using until now ! I’m particularly excited about the RSS support this will bring to TW :star_struck: I wanted that for my blog for a long time and while fraidycat is unbelievably cool it’s not the best solution, especially for big wikis. I know that there already is a solution for that but nothing that is really automatic.

I have some suggestions (for the GitHub part of the plugin) :

  • Allowing the user to write a commit message when saving to github for better backup management
  • A link to the github page in the plugin settings to quickly go to the online version of the wiki

I use that in my hack and find that while simple, these are a nice addition for the user experience :slight_smile:

I also have a question : my understanding is that this plugin will eventually allow uploading individual tiddlers to GitHub from a single file, static tiddlywiki, without uploading the whole wiki. Is that correct ?

Would it be possible then to have Tiddlywiki lazy load tiddlers from GitHub to a single-file Tiddlywiki ? Because the one thing I’m afraid with using Tiddlywiki as a heavy sized website/blog, is the loading time…

If this is indeed the end goal, then I can see TW becoming a serious contender to WordPress !

Another thing that would be great is the possibility to use the upload plugin locally. I know that the upcoming version of TW will support drag and dropping image into tiddler, which is great, but it imports the images in the wiki itself. The upload plugin would allow to save the image in a local folder instead and link it inside a tiddler to keep the wiki light, which would be awesome for image-heavy wiki (manual, student notebook, etc).

Regarding the founding of TW, how about the blender model ? They also work on a donation basis + have corporate backers

The File Uploads plugin also integrates very nicely with an upcoming feature in TiddlyWiki 5.2.0 that allows importing images directly into the editor. Video in post below.


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