Anyone still use Emkay/Kixam vis.js Timeline?

Hello again!
I asked a question about Emkay/Kixam vis.js Timeline earlier, but I got no response. Is no one using this plugin anymore?

I’m just trying to switch off the stacking behavior of events in the timeline, because I want a succession of events that do not overlap, so there’s no reason for them to stack (appear higher or lower on the y-axis than the other)

I know I’m supposed to achieve this by using the ‘config’ attribute:
<$visjstimeline (...) config="timelineConfig"/>
to refer to a tiddler named ‘timelineConfig’, of JSON/application type, with content:

var options = {
  stack: false

However it’s not working. In fact, it doesn’t appear that anything I put in that config tiddler has any effect.

Whether I can fix this makes or breaks my wanting to use this plugin at all. But I haven’t found a nice alternative ‘timeline’ solution, so I’m kind of stuck.

Does anybody use this plugin or else does anyone know of another timeline solution that has the same nice zooming and panning abilities that this one has?

win11, Firefox, TiddlyWiki version 5.2.3

Something like this?


It requires a separation between the first tiddler end date and the next tiddler start date to not stack up.
MyTimeline_tiddlers.json (957 Bytes)

I do use it Planning for exams lbut have no idea how to answer your question. I think the zoom level plays a role?

That is true if you zoom in close in can cause it to stack to fit.

Thank you for replying!
Yes, this is what I mean, except my events have no space between them. I did try out to see what happened if I did leave gaps between them, but it did not make a difference. I’m curious to know why your example doesn’t stack. Could be because it’s zoomed in rather close.
I could not import your example (when I try it, I just get a tiddler with a link to the json file), but judging from the json data, you haven’t set a stack parameter, so it should default to ‘true’. What happens if you zoom out in your timeline, do the events stack?

EDIT: I just now saw your remark about zooming. Too bad. I did think about making the timeline unzoomable, but it seems too much of a sacrifice…

Thanks for sharing that! I see you have the same stacking issue when zooming out. Would you be willing to try out the method I described in order to set a stack attribute? Maybe in your case it will work for some reason?

I tried multiple versions of a config tiddler and couldn’t get the whitelisted options to work.

  orientation: "top",
  stack: false,
  moveable: false,
  zoomable: false,
  horizontalScroll: true

Me neither. I have a feeling the plugin has issues that are not gonna be fixed. Now looking into Andrew Gregory’s plugin for ‘Apex Charts’, that also has a timeline functionality.

I have no knowledge of this timeline plugin. But I wonder if this issue is simply that you tried to drag that file from this forum directly to a wiki? If so, that won’t work. Click on the link to download it, and then drag the resulting downloaded file onto your wiki.

It would be great to find a way to post them here to be dragged directly to a wiki, but I don’t think that’s a likely Discourse enhancement.

You’re right; I did try to drag it directly. Works now as you said. Thank you!