Any way to access other opened browser tabs when TW is used in fullscreen mode

Is there any way to access other opened browser tabs when TW is used in fullscreen mode without coming out of the fullscreen mode. Any way to open the browser window as a floating window on top of the TW in fullscreen mode. Or is there a way to open the browser within the TW ?

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I can not be sure but its not full-screen if you could open things over it. This is your browsers behaviour not tiddlywikis

Typicaly other browsers and apps may be able to do this but not the same browser.

Have you tried open in new window button?

I love the clean UI of my TW in fullscreen mode. But if I have to search something in the browser, I have to come out of the fullscreen mode. Otherwise I can’t access other tabs of the browser. Thats why I was asking whether there is a way to open the browser as small floating window over the TW in fullscreen mode. I will check the add-ons store

Try opening your tiddlywiki in a new window then making that full screen the the browser is any alt-tab a way.

Do share what you find.

Using control tab in fullscreen mode of TW, we can navigate through other browser tabs. But again I have to press the fullscreen button after each such tab navigation.

I have seen an app called Kosmik which allows to open webpage within the app. Will TW ever allow opening of webpage within it?

I think there is a subtle need you want I don’t understand yet, I tested my own suggestion and it works well, but external links do break out of full screen

  • Well yes, if you use an Iframe (but that website must allow it)

As I said, I think Full screen is the browser not tiddlywiki, so perhaps a browser Add On can help

I have an idea forming I will voice if it can get anywhere.

I have confirmed a hack, but it will need more work, some CSS is missing and its too slow.

  • It uses open “tiddler” in new window, expanded to full screen, not the full screen button in tiddlywiki
  • If you try this don’t do it without a test wiki or after backup
  • Create a tiddler “Page Template” containing {{||$:/core/ui/PageTemplate}}
    • When open this causes interference, close after
    • Now open this new tiddler in a New Window (TW Button)
    • Maximise the new window

Changes in the new window are reflected in the original wiki tab
The window still has a (minimal) title and address bar from the browser

I think this may need developer or core dev’s assistance to make this work properly. However there is a strong chance they will not approve of this for technical reasons.

I have to go for sleep now…will check it tomorrow. Thanks for taking time to find a solution for this.

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If you open 2 browser windows you can do that. 1 window is in fullscreen mode and the other not. I did just test it and it works fine.

As Tony wrote it’s mainly the browsers behaviour and can not really be influence by javascript.

As you both have mentioned, this works - but only in windows OS I guess. My main desktop is a Mac, in which this was not working yesterday. But in windows, this method is currently working. I haven’t tested this in mac today. I will have to search for workarounds in Mac.

@TW_Tones @pmario In mac os there is a shortcut to switch between the same windows of same browser Cmd ~
I just found it now. Will have test further to create a good workflow using this