Announcing the release of TiddlyWiki v5.2.0

I’m delighted to announce the release of TiddlyWiki v5.2.0 at:

This release is a huge release. It has been under development for 286 days, and includes improvements from 33 individual contributors on GitHub. There’s a graph on GitHub that shows clearly how many people now regularly contribute to TiddlyWiki’s development:

My sincere thanks to everyone who has contributed or helped in any way.

With v5.2.0 we’ve been able to address some long-standing frustrations:

  • It is now possible to use the edit widgets with a different field of the current tiddler
  • The characters used in fieldnames are no longer restricted to lowercase letters, digits, and simple punctuation
  • Images can now be dragged directly into the tiddler editor to import them and insert [img[foo]] at the cursor position. The title of the image tiddler can be edited too
  • Macro calls can now be nested. For example <<mymacro “Another <>”>>

See the release note for the full list of changes:

  • Some significant performance improvements
  • Usability improvements
  • New and improved widgets
  • New and improved filters
  • Improvements to the Markdown, XLSX, KaTeX, Freelinks, Menubar and BibTeX plugins
  • Improved translations for Catalan, Chinese, French, German and Spanish
  • A new Polish translation

You can upgrade your existing single file wikis here:

For Node.js users, the new version is available on npm:

As ever, exercise caution when upgrading, and be careful to keep backup copies of everything important.

Any questions or comments are welcome here, or via GitHub.

Finally, I’d like to again express my thanks to everyone helping with this project. It’s been a difficult time for all of us, but the steady progress we’re making on TiddlyWiki inspires me for a future where diverse people can work together to achieve sustained, meaningful change.

Best wishes



Hi Jeremy,
Many thanks for all your efforts and all developers out there! TW 5.2.0 is more powerful than ever! This release brings us many amazing new features!

Best wishes

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That’s exciting news Jeremy with all the new features I believe it will make the day to day use easier for all in addition to increased opportunities for innovation. This includes being able provide even simpler solutions to increasingly challenging needs.

Tiddlywikis features seem to run ahead of the power of the imagination to invent new things. With past improvements yet to be fully made use of, this new version extends tiddlywikis reach, yet many of us in the community continue to push at the edges, so who knows what can be achieved.

I would like to thank all the contributors and the community as a whole for demonstrating the power of collaboration and participating in the virtuos circle you started spinning.

Fantastic. My warmest thanks to Jeremy for all the hard work, including directing this herd of cool cats… and also warm thanks to the very cool cats themselves. I fell in love with this project almost 15 years ago and it never ceases to impress me.

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Congrats! Looking forward to what we can do with the new features.

Thanks all. It will be a long while before I absorb the potential in all the new features but worth the upgrade for this alone, which has tripped me up a number of times when I try and document for myself why I’ve done various things:

fixed crash with unterminated wikitext comments

TiddlyWiki is really awesome! Thanks for your creativity.:heart:

Excited to upgrade my real wikis!

An updated version of Grok TiddlyWiki incorporating the new features and removed limitations in 5.2.0 is available. See changes in this version.


Dear developers!
This is magic! It is not only more powerful and faster, it is also smaller than before!
Thank you for your energy

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Thanks A lot for your guys works. tiddlywiki is becoming a part of my life