An Updated Version of Fiddlywiki?

Does anyone know of an updated version of Fiddlywiki FiddlyWiki - A plugged in TiddlyWiki for writing and research (v. 1.10)

It is a wiki focused on writing, with many classic plugins that are no longer current.

If not, does anyone know of a wiki style or theme that is focused on writing, as fiddlywiki is?


Why not to use modern TiddlyWiki 5.3.2? The one you shared is a classic TW. I am sure you can find its features in TW 5.3.2.

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I firmly agree. That is what I intended. The task of looking for a current version of all the features is a bit daunting for a tiddlynewb. I presume I was looking of a shortcut and see if there is an all-inclusive update.