An Efficient Web Server for TiddlyWikis

nathanielknight/tiddly-wiki-server: An efficient web server for TiddlyWikis. (


TiddlyWiki 5 has a NodeJS based webserver that re-uses much of the front-end JavaScript for maximum compatibility. However, this server needs about 70 MB of memory to start, and can easily consume 100 MB or more. This is fine for running on a workstation, but a cheap VPS quickly gets crowded running services of this size.

In rudimetnary benchmarks it looks like tiddly-wiki-server uses about 10 MB of memory (with no optimizations), which I find much more manageable.


Do you think we can package or zip this for an easy install with ip, port and a payload wiki ?

I will check it out when I can.

It would also be nice if it could be installed then use a url to pull a published edition into it. I am still trying to build a make it your own for dummies. But server solutions need a second window running.

This is very interesting to see, but the license is unknown to me (“The Prosperity Public License 3.0.0”) and doesn’t allow me to use it for storing work notes, unless I pay an undisclosed fee.

As always, don’t expose Node.js or this web server to the Internet directly, but put Caddy or Nginx in front of it.

I think questions can be asked from Nathaniel here
Issues · nathanielknight/tiddly-wiki-server (

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I’m a fan of Prosperity and similar fair & open licenses.

And yes, if you use it for commercial purposes / as part of a revenue generating business the expectation is that you pay to support the project.

The author of the work can make deals on a case by case basis or have standard rates — it’s up to them, they’re doing the work.

There is no charge for personal / non commercial usage of the work with Prosperity.

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