An AI plugin attempt at tiddlywiki

A long time ago, I hoped to integrate ai into tiddlywiki, or to automatically talk to ai in tiddlywiki. ai would automatically retrieve all articles in the current tiddlywiki. In theory, it can be done, but in fact this function is too broad. In fact, I This function is not often needed, because I always believe that AI cannot accurately summarize the article, and it will always omit a lot of content. So I gave up.

There is no advantage in talking to AI on tiddlywiki. We can use AI to complete some more specific things, such as summarizing articles, or automatically generating a paragraph based on the article title, or bilingual translation of plug-in documents, so that other users do not have to Translated with the help of tools. Just like notification ai.

Since the emergence of chagpt, various AI tools have emerged in endlessly, and can even run models locally. However, in fact, running models locally is unrealistic for ordinary users, so in more cases some APIs are used to do these things.

Yesterday I tried to summarize the article with the help of gemini, and the effect was very good for me personally.

If you are interested, you can read the document below to learn more.

ps: Sorry the document is still in Chinese, but you can use Google Translate to read it.