Allow export single tiddler as image

If you need to export a single tiddler as an image, you can try this plugin


This is very interesting to see!

I don’t think I’ve personally ever had a need for this. Can you share your reason for creating it? How do you use it?

Is there an adjustment that can be made to eliminate the extra bottom and right captured in the image?

Under what conditions did you export the image? I can’t reproduce it

Fresh install on empty, Firefox browser, clicked the export image button. I’ll try it again to ensure my laptop empty was really empty.

Same as before. Drag and drop onto new empty, save/refresh, click export current tiddler to png button.

Same bottom and right padding, multiple image programs.

Firefox and Edge

You can try clicking the button on the right in the picture, then press and hold alt j to create a new tiddler and try to export as picture. I suspect it is a device problem (I tested with firefox and there was no problem)

I’ve tested with Brave on Windows and Firefox Dev on Ubuntu, and it worked fine in both places no extra padding anywhere.


Just for the convenience of sharing card content, I actually don’t use it often.


Minor suggestion: As this is a form of export tiddler, don’t you think it is butter to move the button under Export tiddler dropdown menu?

I did consider it. I just looked at it again and found that I need to write a javascript macro to implement it(I don’t have much experience with javascript macro yet.) I don’t know if this is feasible for this plugin

I think moving the button under Export Tiddler submenu (dropdown) can be done with WikiText.
It did not mean to change the way plugin works! it is only to list the button in export tiddler drop down!

I will have a look later and explain more!
By the way this comment can be ignored as the current configuration works great!
Thank you!

I’ll have to test some more, still haven’t solved on my end. I like the idea of being able to quickly send a chart/table without getting the snip tool up and running.


No issues when testing on neotw site, just local.

It’s an interesting idea, and I am not sure when I would use it, however it allows you to generate content;

  • That is not text searchable
  • That you could generate on one wiki and share a static copy on another
  • To record the result of a complex analysis / tiddler at a point in time.
    • combined with file uploads etc could automatically externalise it.
  • See also my snapshot tool for a html version.