Aliases and uni-link

I’ve been trying to use uni-link — extended link functions and I’ve run into some strange behaviour.

I have a tiddler called aqua with the aliases field containing [[aqua (water)]] [[aqua - water]] water [[wet water]].

If I have the following in another tiddler then all the links except one show and work as expected (i.e. they point to and open aqua).

* [[aqua]]
* [[aqua (water)|?]]
* [[aqua - water|?]]
* [[water|?]]
* [[wet water|?]]

However, the second link [[aqua (water)|?]] is not visible in the tiddler (the text/link just disapears as I finish typing it) and there’s nothing to click. While fiddling around, I did get it to show and work but then I did something and it’s gone again. I don’t know what I did to make it work and now I can’t repeat it!

Is this something to do with the ( )? Alternatively, I also read on My Plugin Library — mklauber's Plugins for TiddlyWiki that ‘… An alias does not re-render automatically when you change the number of aliases it points to…’.

Many thanks for any thougths…

I’ve done a little more investigation…

I find that the original alias aqua (water) still doesn’t appear and neither does aqua ()water. However, [[aqua (water|?]] is shown and links to the aqua tiddler as expected.

Glad to hear any thoughts and maybe @pmario may have a comment… as ever, many thanks!

hmm, There seems to be a problem with the round braces () I’ll investigate.

The aliases should be OK like so. If there is no space in the alias, there are no braces [[]] needed.

aqua [[aqua (water)]] [[aqua - water]] water [[wet water]]

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Grand, thank you @pmario.

A number of the aliases I need to use include a space so I’ll have to use the [[]] notation for them at least.

To investigate further, I added (water) as an alias and find that it appears and links correctly to the aqua tiddler… updated on the TiddlyHost site.

@Ant remember you can usually use extended Unicode characters that look similar, when the ones you are using interfere.

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Good point… I’ve investigated…

It seems that Unicode encoding needs to be used when defining the alias and also in the link. So [[aqua (water)|?]] displays and links to aqua correctly, although the text in the link that displays is aqua(water) (note lack of space character). Also the alias is shown in aqua as aqua (water), which isn’t ideal.


It’s fixed already. New version will be published soon. I’m testing atm

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Actually here you are using html character representation’s. Instead look here Скобки { } 〈 〉 〖 〗 разных форм - Unicode Character Table

Anything beyond the first 256 are unlikely to interfere. Just check they display correctly.

[[aqua ﹙water﹚|?]]

Ah, of course… silly me… must try harder, as my school reports used to (still do) say. I’ll investigate.

Many thanks.


@Ant … Version 2.3.0 of the uni-link plugin is online now. It should be able to handle all type of braces in aliases now.

@pmario That’s grand, many thanks.

I created a copy and updated to v. 2.3.0 and, so far, all is well and working as expected. Sorry to have caused you the hassle.

Thanks again!

No hassle. … Thx for pointing out a bug. … The fix could be made on the wikitext level of the plugin. I needed to update the elements to the latest possibilities the TW core uses to deal with special characters in tiddler titles. It’s the same mechanism.

If anything new comes up. … Just write it here or create an issue at GitHub if you want.

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