Advanced Search in Fields Plugin: First Experimental Release

This is a beta, experimental release of Advanced Search in Fields
It adds a new tab Fields to $:/AdvancedSearch and lets

  • search using TW search operator with different modes
    • words
    • literal
  • search using regexp filter operator
  • search in all fields
  • search in a single field like created, title, etc.


  • seamless search in fields (all fields at once or single fields
  • use search modes like literal, or regexp, or words, …
  • use case sensitive search
  • bring the power of regular expression into advanced search to be used by average users


This plugin inspired by Search in Fields developed by Tobias Beer. So kudos goes to him! The advanced search in fields uses Tiddlywiki 5.2.1 features!

Demo (see latest version at the bottom of this post)

  • to give a try download $__plugins_kookma_search.json (7.4 KB)
  • then drag and drop $__plugins_kookma_search.json into
  • open the $:/AdvancedSearch using sidebar search > magnifying button
  • click on Fields tab
  • make search in fields, use regexp, use other search mode




  • Please give and try and share your opinion, ideas, here
  • Please share you regex pattern used successfully with this plugin here


This plugin has not published to GitHub, so use the JSON uploaded here! I will soon create a repo and put in on GitHub!

Update v0.2 [2022.01.06]


I am sure you may ask why not just use regexp for all operation!
The answer is I tried to use new search operator with all its search mode, but I realized there is some special setting in regexp search mode search::regexp so I used also regexp!

Please feel free to share your thoughts and ideas! Let me how I can improve this handy plugin!
It can simply be added to the sidebar search (standard search)

More examples

Find all tiddlers in created between 1st and 15th of September 2019:




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