Adding a <script> tag and screen wake

Hi all, quick question.

I added a simple <script> tag to my index.html file to keep the screen awake when the TiddlyWiki is open (I use this wiki as a recipe book, so would like to have my phone screen kept awake while viewing). This worked like a charm when I dropped the <script> section above the <body>, but then I noticed that it was not preserved across saves. As soon as I make a change in the TiddlyWiki and save (using any method) that <script> tag is blown away.

2 questions:

  • How can I add generic, globally acting JS to my TW like this in such a way that it is preserved?
  • There’s probably an easy way to do this from within TW, like in a javascript-type tiddler. What would that look like?


For reference, here’s the snippet of code:

// test support
let isSupported = false;

if ('wakeLock' in navigator) {
	isSupported = true;
	console.log('Screen Wake Lock API supported 🎉');
} else {
	wakeButton.disabled = true;
	console.log('Wake lock is not supported by this browser.');

if (isSupported) {
	// create a reference for the wake lock
	let wakeLock = null;

	// create an async function to request a wake lock
	const requestWakeLock = async () => {
		try {
			wakeLock = await navigator.wakeLock.request('screen');

			// change up our interface to reflect wake lock active

			// listen for our release event
			wakeLock.onrelease = function(ev) {
			wakeLock.addEventListener('release', () => {
				// if wake lock is released alter the button accordingly

		} catch (err) {
			// if wake lock request fails - usually system related, such as battery
			wakeButton.dataset.status = 'off';
			wakeButton.textContent = 'Turn Wake Lock ON';
			statusElem.textContent = `${}, ${err.message}`;

	} // requestWakeLock()


	const handleVisibilityChange = () => {
		if (wakeLock !== null && document.visibilityState === 'visible') {

	document.addEventListener('visibilitychange', handleVisibilityChange);

Have a closer look that the raw markup tags,

Try first

It’s important to “save and reload” the wiki, for the scripts to be evaluated.

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Welcome! This macro enables scripts. Possibly of use for you.

Thanks both! I ended up using the RawMarkup tag, worked like a charm. Glad to know about the <<script>> macro though!