A Tiny Tiddlywiki Discussing a PR

I would like to add this Tiny Tiddlywiki under Showcase here in Talk!
While it has few tiddlers, but the way it used to test a new PR and discuss issues is very nice!

I also like WikiText to HTML Examples tiddler where a nice table is used to compare current situation with proposed solution!

This is a long tiddler with many footnotes!

Thank you Nils (nilslindemann (Nils Lindemann) · GitHub)

I think we can always learn for every Tiddlywiki out there!


Thank you, Mohammad, for mentioning my Wiki here. And also thank you for pointing me to this place.

BTW, the source code of that Wiki can be found in my work folder (the “docs” folder).

:palm_tree: Nils :palm_tree:


Whoa! @nilslindemann’s examples are super informative!

The “<p> pollution” in TW has been a long term issue that seemed very difficult to solve! Most of the time it wasn’t a really serious problem practically. But sometimes it was. To me as a naïve user it has thrown me at times. @nilslindemann gives a compact way of understanding what that issue is all about and why it matters. If it can be solved, it would be a good thing to do so!

Just a comment.

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