A problem happened in tiddler root folder

I use the extension Maoxian Web Clipper in edge for cutting web. It really works and the content can be saved in the setting path including PIC attachment, JSON info and the MD file. Then I open the distribution of tiddlywiki called tiddlygit and get the problem. It happened when I restart tiddlygit or its service, that the pics and other files are moved to the tiddler root folder, the pic is 0kb occupied. Anyone knows the reason?

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Maybe the tiddlygit developer, @linonetwo could help?

Thx 4 replying. @Mark_S
haha, lin told me to send a issue here and to github, I did it in both ways. Actually, It seems no solution yet. Maybe no one saves mds and pics in the tiddler folder directly. Now I choose to use maoxian web clipper to save them in another folder for backup, and use simpread and custom movement in quicker to copy md content into the new tiddler automatically. hope my way helpful.

This is a side note: Would you please explain how you use Maoxian web clipper with Tiddlywiki?
Does the stored JSON file can be read (imported) by Tiddlywiki? Does Tiddlywiki can recognize for example tags?

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Is the original file moved, or copied as a zero-byte file?

That is, if you search your directories for picture.* , is your original file also still there? Can you view the picture from inside tiddlywiki? Is there a *.meta file?

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the original file seems to be renamed with the path it has, and meta file can be created. Maybe there are errors when it copys pic file. I must use the absolute path of the pic to show in TW.A problem happened in tiddler root folder

I use MWC just following its official instruction. I had a test about what you ask, it seems that the metainfo in *.json and *.meta share similar caption form, but there are differences about punctuation. The “tags” caption also differ from other caption, it has brackets, so it can’t be recognized by TW. I also combined json file and md file into tid file(remove the brackets), it works but the captions are all with punctuation( treated as text). You may wanna ask the author if there are some way to achive saving *.meta.https://github.com/mika-cn/maoxian-web-clipper Actually you can set a template of metadata by yourself in new ver. Issues · mika-cn/maoxian-web-clipper (github.com)

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again, I review the instrution of MWC, it may give new idea that you can make custom YAML Front Matter at the head of md content. You can find it in extension setting-markdown. After I try, i get the conclusion for now: you can add the head similar to tidfile to let TW recognize it just by changing *.md to *.tid whether the content is md or wikitext, TW only read its head.

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Many thanks @joylous. So it seems with some modification, the MWC output can be used in Tiddlywiki!