A cool addon I discovered today: hoverflow. Hover any link to see a preview!


Works well with tiddlywiki !


Seems to work fine with online wikis, but I can’t get it to work with my offline, single file wikis.

I can’t make it work on my node.js tiddlywiki. tested with chromium and firefox (and the addon works better with firefox than chromium BTW).

Silly question: is your node.js tiddlywiki visible to the world, or is it private?

If private, then it is good that this add-on does not work, because the add-on is a web service that should not have access to your private node.js tiddlywiki.

But if your nodejs tiddlywiki is publicly visible, then the web service should not have a problem, unless access to the node.js tiddlywiki requires a password ?

Maybe? If you can provide some extra info, that might be helpful for node.js tiddlywiki usage.

@Charlie_Veniot have you found anything to say that is a web service (by implication, with browsing data leaving your computer)?

I must say I haven’t. Couldn’t all this just run in an extension?


By “web service”, I meant “it only works online” (so does not work offline) as per the earlier posted report by @HistoryBuff .

Hi, Dev of the extension here. I’m taking a look into this, right now it only enables on https urls, but I’m considering adding a setting for http or file protocols.


@Charlie_Veniot It’s very private indeed (my node.js is in a container, which is opening a port at address to be precise. that can be seen forom other computers on the local network but not beyond). So it’s just normal. Thank you for your question!

Whatever, a way to have this kind of possibility buit-in in TW would be great!

Welcome @HoverflowDev

Do consider tiddlywiki as a platform on which to demonstrate your work. This is an active community and we can help, but also expanding tiddlywikis possibilities at the same time.

Can you confirm that no data leaves the computer on with the extension is installed?

Hi NickB, yeah no data is being sent externally (the extension code is un-obfuscated and always will be). For v3 version it has no permissions by default and needs to be permitted on a per-tab basis.