Use react components in TiddlyWiki!

I’m working on adding React and MDX support to TiddlyWiki.
My plan is to open source it when it’s usable, but here’s a demo:


Nice! I think @linonetwo is working on something similar?

See earlier discussion here: What's your opinion about using ReactJS in the plugin?

Thank you for linking the previous discussion, I didn’t realize @linonetwo was working on the same thing. Cool! :slight_smile:

Very cool! Eagerly waiting to see more feature from react in TW.

Yes, it is working, but still need to be merged to get better dev experience.

@neumark tw has 10 years of history, so it is better to ask for existence before start building things! This will bring force together.

Good Point on checking first! I vaguely remember doing a search before starting implementation and not finding much. It’s great to see the TW5 community is so active!

I implemented a removal detector for tiddlers in the story river by listening to the tm-close-all-tiddlers, tm-close-tiddler, tm-close-other-tiddlers widget messages on the navigator widget. This way the Widget interface doesn’t need to be modified.