Mermaid-tw5 plugin update to mermaid 8.13.2


I was playing with mermaid-tw5 and ended up upgrading to mermaid 8.13.2 latest release. I did a lot of testing and apparently most things are working, apart from some font size issues (I think), at least that’s what I’ve noticed so far. Hope it can be useful.

– Furlan


Whoah! That is great news! I will definitely take a look and comment.

Best, TT

Initial comment …

The fonts look good. Nothing went weird. It is a definite improvement over the other Mermaid plugin I tried before.

I’ll comment more IF I hit an issue.
Best wishes, TT

This is a useful plugin and needs some love!

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I’ve been playing a little more with the plugin and doing some more tests, and I could see a warning message in the Browser Console:

Source map error: Error: NetworkError when attempting to fetch resource.
Resource URL: /$:/plugins/gt6796c/mermaid-tw5/mermaid.min.js
Source Map URL:

I have no idea how to fix this, but apparently it doesn’t interfere with the plugin’s functioning (I think). I’ve also been cleaning up what wasn’t being used, did some testing with themes, apparently everything I tested worked, and in the end I ended up uploading a new version 0.3.3 with these little changes. Hope it can be useful.

– Furlan

Hi @Furlan, really pleased to see you have updated this plugin - thanks! I have been using GraphViz but Mermaid has a much nicer syntax in my opinion. I will gradually try converting my GraphViz graphs into Mermaid, and let you know if I uncover any bugs.

Hi @Furlan
Is it possible to generate tiddler networks based on link/backlinks/tags/transclusion using Mermaid plugin! I am thinking something like tidgraph!

It needs to able nicely format the box and arrows created by mermaid! What do you think?

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Hi Mohammad,

I find the idea interesting, and tidgraph is a very interesting project. I think that maybe this would be another project, with people developing, maintaining, documenting…

Thanks Furlan! The tidgraph has not been maintained for a while, by the way it is very powerful in creating information flow diagrams from tiddlers!

So, you think mermaid has capability to be used for such tiddler networks!
If we can customize the look and feel, I think we can create nice network graphs!

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No, it won’t affect execution of the plugin. A source map is used to unminify a minified JavaScript source – mermaid.min.js in this case. And you only need that if you’re going to use the JavaScript debugger in DevTools. It’s a common warning, okay to ignore.

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I’ve never seen it before. Intrigued to know if I can use it to map story arcs – in a superwide tiddler, of course (I think @TiddlyTweeter knows what I mean by superwide :laughing: )

Can the elements be linked/clicked?

Yep. Should work. Though I haven’t had time to push it yet. FYI, the main thing I noticed with @Furlan’s version (hat’s off) is that the font handling is much, much better. Font sizing doesn’t break layout, unlike the other plugin version.

Since Mermaid will do diagrams of great complexity well, and via an economic notation system, both short-arses and super-wides might well be well accommodated?

It would be ideal if they were. Why? Because you could use Mermaid frontage to access a whole wiki without segue. (Being an idiot, I’m just not sure about how technically easy that would be to implement?)

Just comments

Mermaid frontage - perfect :slight_smile:

Yeah, I looked, it’s svg elements so it shouldn’t be too hard (if it’s not already there). I just need to allocate some playtime.