Help syncing tiddloid


im self-hosting tiddlywiki through my yunohost server and i would like to sync it with tiddloid on my android phone in order to access, edit and adds wiki also from there.

however, im having a hard time understanding how it can be done.

can anyone help me and/or link me to a step-by-step guide (either text or video works for me)?

i would avoid using syncting if possible since it drains my phone battery.

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I think we need to know more about your set-up, and how you would like it to work. Are you hosting your files to the entire internet, or just your local intranet?

The php-based tool tw-receiver can be used to make your TW file available on your intranet or internet. However, if you use it on the internet, you should also make sure that your server is set up to use SSL. Otherwise anyone could see the password in plain text. With tw-receiver, you would use a web browser, not tiddloid, to view your wiki file.

I’ve never had Syncthing drain my battery. But I’ve always used it on the local network. You could always turn it off as soon as you’re done syncing.

thank you very much for your reply and sorry for getting back after so long.

ive actually solved the battery issue of syncthing and found out that i can easily sync tiddlydesktop on my linux laptiop with tiddloid on my android phone.

i have a concern of a different nature now. :sweat_smile:

once again, thanks for the help. :heart_decoration:

There is a GitHub - tiddly-gittly/tw-mobile-sync: Sync data between Mobile HTML (Tiddloid) <-> Desktop App (TidGi) plugin for nodejs based wiki like TidGi


thank you for sharing!
just out of curiosity, do you prefer tidgi to tiddly desktop?
also, could tidgi be synced through syncthing as well?

Yes, tidgi store data on local folder, so you can use synching. (to sync between two PC)

TidGi uses nodejs tiddlywiki, so it store each note in a file, which is easier to sync. And nodejs wiki provides HTTP API, which is useful when sync between mobile and desktop.

But you can’t use synching to sync from PC to mobile, because tiddloid only knows HTML wiki, can’t load nodejs wiki’s *.tid file. You will need to use the plugin described above.

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sorry for the late reply, but i was away.

i tried using tidgi, but, also when i change the language settings to english, loads of text stays in the ideograms of the original language, making it not accessible for me. :cry:

Both App language and wiki langeuage needs to be switched. Seems you only switch the wiki’s language?


however, im working quite well with syncthing right now and im not in a place to try anything new.

so i might stick with tiddlydesktop for a little while longer. sorry. :sweat:

Okay, and I will recommend the new Android app Beta test, TidGi-Mobile v0.2 if you want to try 2 things new, hahaha

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is it build to work better/specifically in sync with tidigi?

No, it is build specifically to sync with nodejs wiki. (So also including TidGi)

So if you stick to TiddlyDesktop, then you can’t use it. Syncthing / Tiddlyhost is your best solution. You can ask him if it works for you, see Tiddlyhost and Autosave

oh, yeah, that’s kind of what i asked. sorry if i wasn’t clear enough. my bad. :heart: