Help for adding OpenPGP.js crypto library into TW. Anyone?

I published this message a while ago…
Adding a new cryptographic library as TW Plugin

maybe someone can provide help for it now?

At Adding a new cryptographic library as TW Plugin - #15 by papiche you wrote:

We made a “dependency free” release of G1Lib.js available in IPFS

That’s interesting. The code is minified, which makes it hard to read.
Is there a link to the documentation how to use it and the original source code, that shows how the library was created?

What is the use case? This seems semi-public.

My public wiki is at GitHub - linonetwo/wiki: , and private wiki is in another private github repo. I can’t imagine an intermediate state.

This is a Scuttlebutt like TW + IPFS datastructure driven by public key architecture

There is not much documentation, but I know the maintainer…
It is used in