Are link-tags (typed links) implemented for Tiddlywiki?

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Do you know of any plugins that enable typed links?

What are typed links?

Link-tags/typed links are explained at length in this post: Add Link-tags feature - Development - Org-roam. Scroll down for screencasts showing a prototype for org-roam.

Here’s some motivation in excerpt (the author’s proposed syntax is e.g. [[name-of-paper::refuted_by]]):

A bit like structure, a bit like context, a link-tag lets you add formalized breadcrumbs for your thinking process. When writing a new concept-level note built from several research papers, you could use link-tags like ‘hypothesis_of’, ‘conclusion_of’, ‘refuted_by’, ‘derived_from’, etc. This type of usage is ‘derived_from’ learning about neo4j (and other graph database) schemas.

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I see no one replied, I would just like to add that yes, you can do what is referred to as a link tags in tiddlywiki. If I understand it is is only a matter of how you use and the meaning to attribute to the tag.

There are a lot of existing, or more likely former Roam users in tiddlywiki, so search the Google Forums for prior Roam equivalents. SInce roam is a methodology or specific app it has its own jargon. If you ask a simpler, not dependant on external jargon, question as you try and implement this in tiddlywiki I expect you will get more answers.

Personally for your example I would be inclined to have a tiddler “name-of-paper” with a list field “refutations” where you have zero or more tiddlers named that are refutations. eg; “[[antivax refutation]]” would be in the refutations-list field thus logically “the current tiddler is “refuted by” the tiddlers listed in the refutations-list field”.

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Thank you Anthony for your welcome and your kind answer. I realize I did not make a good job of explaining what I am after (and the link to org-roam was perhaps confusingly implying that this is a standard feature of roam-like apps / methodologies).

What I need is to be able to add an attribute (a string) to a link, and then of course be able to query and filter those links that are tagged with a specific string.

Creating a specific tiddler field per link tag and listing there all the linked pages as in refuted_by: [[paper1]], [[paper2]] is an alternative, but I would like to have the link in the specific context of the tiddler where I mention those papers (and also type them only once). One could even style with CSS the links according to how they have been tagged (e.g. refutations red, supporting evidence green, …).

Having such tagged links inline (vs. as tiddler-level attributes) would also be great in contexts such as hierarchical Stream blocks (I am not sure how to edit the attribute of the individual blocks in those).

The post I linked makes a good job of explaining that tagging links à la [[refuted_by::this other paper]] or [[ingredient::cinnamon]] opens up a lot of interesting possibilities.

I haven’t found any implementations of this idea in Tiddlywiki yet, so I’ll think about what is necessary to create one. An untagged link would look entirely like a current (normal) link, so it should feel as progressive functionality that stays out of the way if you don’t want/need it. I am grateful for any caveats about how links are processed in Tiddlywiki - I am at the moment a pretty basic user.

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Links as you know the may not be the only way.

{{||refuted_by}} or {{named tiddler||refuted_by}}

where the tiddler “refutedby” lists the tiddlers refuting the current or named tiddler. It can also present the link looking as you desire, and you could conditionally change it.

eg; refuted_by tiddler;
<$link to=<<currentTiddler>> >Refuted_by::<$text text=<<currentTiddler>>/></$link>

But this could be more advanced and search refuted-by fields containing currentTiddler.

Hi, we used to discussed it here [IDEA] Typed Semantic Link (link with metadata) #4982

But don’t have a conclusion yet.

And there is a plugin for obsidian that provides typed link Link Types

I also hope someone can implement one for the tw community!

Typed Backlinks, which are equivalent to adding fields directly in the text, are a little more convenient than adding fields.

And if you add the information to the fields, you don’t know which fields are links and thus should be backlinked. While links you immediately know you should backlink them.

Difference between typed-link and field

Type links can be written down more randomly/freely, you can change the type name frequently, don’t need to worry about interoperability, suitable for writing novels and organizing character relationships (relationship types in a novel are volatile and we often new one during the write).

Fields are a little more stable, suitable for project management, todo aggregation, etc